20K Base Features

Utikuma Lake

The 1:20 000 Base Features is a GIS spatial database that includes over 60 layers of topographic information separated into 5 major themes:

Access - The location and nature of features that can be used to gain vehicular access to land and resources and to dispositions related to surface activities

Hydrography - The extent of land covered by intermittent or permanent water bodies or watercourses. Includes direction of flow

Geo-Administrative Areas - Land areas that have explicitly defined boundaries, established by legislation or by an agency to manage or administer land use

Contour Linework - 10m (20m in mountainous regions) contours, consisting of arcs and index annotation, will combine to create a seamless cartographic theme to define Alberta’s topography

Alberta Township System - Arcs and polygons with extents for quarter sections and road allowances. Based on the V4.1 (March 2005) ATS Coordinate file


  • Data Provider

    Altalis Ltd.

  • Contributors

    Alberta Environment and Parks, Government of Alberta

  • Coverage

    Full coverage of Utikuma Lake AOI

  • Currency

  • Product Type


  • Format


  • Projection

    Geographic Coordinates

  • Accuracy

    +/- 5m

  • Other Specifications

    NAD83, AEP Resource projection

  • Publisher

    Alberta Data Partnerships

  • Data License

    Open Data Areas Data License


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