Satellite Imagery

Beaver Hills

Multi-spectral images (bands 4-3-2) at 10 m resolution from the European Space Agency Sentinel-2 satellite. The time series is based on the 10 day repeat sun-synchronous orbit of Sentinel-2. Hatfield Consultants’ Land Monitoring Engine atmospheric correction and cloud and cloud shadow masks (using Sen2cor) are applied to each image in the data series. No contrast enhancement is applied.

Sentinel-2 Time Series – Level 2A, RGB true colour, with atmospheric correction
Sentinel-2 Time Series – Sen2cor cloud/shadow detection masks


  • Data Provider

    Hatfield Consultants

  • Contributors

    European Space Agency

  • Coverage

    Full coverage of Beaver Hills AOI

  • Currency

  • Product Type


  • Format


  • Projection

    UTM (Zone 12) North EPSG:32612

  • Accuracy

    10 m spatial resolution. Radiometric and geometric performance available from:

  • Other Specifications

    Level-2 enhanced: atmospheric correction; cloud and cloud shadow mask

  • Publisher

    Alberta Data Partnerships

  • Data License

    ADP Open Data Licence


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