Agricultural Regions of Alberta Soil Information

Beaver Hills

AGRASID 4.1 is the latest release of digital soil landscape data for the agricultural region of Alberta. AGRASID is a product of the Canada – Alberta Environmental Sustainable Agriculture (CAESA) soil inventory project (SIP), was initially released on CD ROM in 1998. The project involved the recompilation of lines and information contained within existing hard copy soil survey reports dating back to 1925.


  • Data Provider

    Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

  • Contributors

    Alberta Agiculture and Forestry Data Custodian: David J. Spiess; Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Project Coordinator: David V. Hildebrand; Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Soil Correlator: Anthony Brierley (retired); Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Content Specialist: Michael Bock.

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    Full coverage of Beaver Hills AOI

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  • Projection

    NAD 1983 10TM AEP Forest

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    Alberta Data Partnerships

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    Open Data Areas Data License


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